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Lentillas semi-rígidas (gas permeable) / Glasses vs contact lenses
« en: 11 de Marzo de 2019, 02:48 »

Abnormal eyesight, both short-sightedness and hyperopia We have to solve the problem, not to let the eyes go wrong like that. Whether wearing glasses or contact lenses can choose to wear according to the suitability of the daily routine.

Many people have questions... If the eyes are abnormal, should choose to wear contact lenses or glasses. May have to say that The selection of glasses is safer than wearing contact lenses very much. Because wearing contact lenses must take care and know both how to wear, how to remove the storage method. Including how to care Because contact lenses must be directly exposed to our eyes If wearing or removing the wrong way The contact lens may tear and cut the eyes as well. Let's see what the advantages and disadvantages of both are.
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Advantages of wearing contact lenses
- provide flexibility
- No frame to hide the face
- No 2 image problems occur.
- The most realistic image size

Disadvantages of wearing contact lenses
- must be purchased regularly Whether daily, weekly, monthly or yearly
- Must study how to use it thoroughly and make it correct.
- Must be careful in wearing - removing, cleaning, causing difficulties And delay in wearing
- The risk of complications that may come with care Cleaning is not correct

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The advantages of glasses
- can choose to use with the daily routine
- Convenient, fast to wear
- Do not be careful - take care as much as contact lenses
- No risk of complications that may occur.

Disadvantages of glasses
- Price is quite high for each purchase
- Not particularly flexible for people who play sports Or have activities
- Put it like there is nothing to come to the front to cause annoyance easily.
- Images that are not virtual Makes you feel confused

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